Upsey Daisy

Upsey Daisy

Upsey Daisy washable incontinence pants for children provide a full range of protection and absorbency for every level of need.

Proudly manufactured in the UK, the Upsey Daisy range has been expanded over the years to cover everything that a child might need.

Overview from least absorbent to most absorbent:

  1. Protective Briefs - For children that only require a waterproof layer, for example if they already wear a nappy or pull-ups and need an extra layer of protection, or if they suffer from soiling and don't need any absorbency Boys and Girls styles
  2. Padded Briefs - Waterproof lining and absorbent padding, for light stress incontinence or little accidents - Boys and Girls styles
  3. Concealed Padded Briefs - Same as above but with an extra layer of fabric inside to hide the absorbent pad. Looks like a normal pair of pants from inside and out - Boys and Girls styles
  4. Padded Boxer Briefs - Padded briefs in boys Boxer style for boys
  5. Training Briefs - Waterproof lining and larger absorbent pad - to be used as a training tool - provides more protection that padded briefs or concealed padded briefs but is designed to help your child feel wet when they have had an accident - Boys and Girls styles
  6. Nighttime Pants - Waterproof lining and very large maximum absorbency pad, to be used with a disposable pad for extra absorbency. These are a suitable washable replacement for nappies or pull-ups over night and may be best described as a washable pull-up.

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