Kylie Waterproof Duvet | Fully Waterproof Duvet | Wipe Clean

Waterproof Duvet from Kylie® - Wipe Clean, Breathable Protection


The Best Waterproof Duvet Available - Premium quality, breathable - 10.5 Tog


Waterproof Duvet? What's the difference between this and a waterproof duvet cover?


  • Much more comfortable - Soft PU material instead of the PolyEthylene usually used in waterproof duvet covers
  • Easier to clean - Simply wipe it down!
  • Breathable - Fully breathable yet waterproof fabric keeps the users comfortable
  • Less hassle - Don't fumble with washing a waterproof, it's not required!
  • Better protection - Fully encapsulated waterproof protection means no gaps, the duvet never gets wet



Kylie® Wipe Clean Waterproof Duvets and are soft, breathable and durable. They are made from Polyurethane which is soft and flexible to the touch. The user will hardly feel the difference between this and a normal foam duvet.


Because it's fully waterproof you can stop trying to wash your duvet at home or taking costly trips to the launderette. If your Kylie® duvet gets wet you can simply turn over the duvet, wipe it down and it's good to go!


These products are great for kids and will help with bedwetting accidents, but can also be handy for adults with disabilities or incontinence. For people with Alzheimer's disease these products can really help. Some people are confused by new incontinence products. The Kylie® Duvet won't be a problem though. It looks completely normal and is usually hidden under a duvet cover. 


As it's fully breathable you won't need to worry about sweating or overheating.

Key Features

  • Highest quality, breathable, waterproof duvet
  • Made from super soft polyurethane
  • Flame retardant to source 5
  • Finished with impervious fluid proof binding
  • Available in Single or Double size

Who Uses a Waterproof Duvet?

  • Good for kids with bedwetting accidents
  • Good for people with dementia, reduces confusion
  • Used in nursing homes and care environments
  • People with stomas to protect against leaks
  • People that wear incontinence products - even the best pad can leak!

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Kylie Waterproof Duvet | Fully Waterproof Duvet | Wipe Clean

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