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Special Offers

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Abena Abri-Flex - Pull-Up Pants Full Range

Abena® Abri-Flex Disposable Pull-Up Incontinence Pants Discreet and effective protect..


Forma-Care Premium Pull-Up Pants

Forma Care® Premium Pull-Up PantsDisposable Incontinence PantsVery good value, reliable..


MoliCare® Soft all in One Adult Nappies | Full Range

MoliCare® Soft All in One Briefs Adult NappiesHigh performance that is kind to the skin and e..


Goodnight® Bed Pads | Pink | SALE

Goodnight® Washable Absorbent Bed Pads Cost effective bed protection Avail..


Forma-Care Premium all in One Adult Nappies | Full Range

Forma Care® Premium Slip All in OneAdult NappiesThe Best Value, Highest Quality Breatha..