Snuggleblanks Trifold Cotton Booster Pads

The Snuggleblanks Trifold Cotton Booster is a simple brushed cotton pad that can be folded to fit inside a snuggle blanks Super Wetter washable nappy.

The pad is made from multiple layers of soft brushed cotton which is is super fast to absorb urine and has a high capacity.

Although the nappies are supplied with a pad, some users might want extras to provide more absorbency.

To choose the correct size of booster for your nappies please see the guide below. You can fit almost any size pad into any nappy but please remember that larger pads will be more bulky.

Size Guide

Bigger nappies are wider and longer, so Snuggleblanks trifold nappy boosters come in different sizes:

Washable Nappy SizeMost Suitable Booster Size
Baby Nappy Size 3 (Large)

18" x 20"

Baby Nappy Size 4 (X Large)

18" x 20"

Baby Nappy Size 5 (XX Large)

18" x 20"

Adult Nappy Extra Small

20" x 20"

Adult Nappy Small

24" x 26"

Adult Nappy Medium

24" x 26"

Adult Nappy Large

30" x 30"

Adult Nappy Extra Large

30" x 30"

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Snuggleblanks Trifold Cotton Booster Pads

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