What Is A Kylie® Sheet? | Kylie® Bed Pads Explained

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What Is A Kylie® Bed Pad?

It's exactly how it sounds. A Kylie® Bed Pad is placed on top of the sheets, but under the duvet, and is highly Kylie® Bed Padsabsorbent, washable and with a waterproof backing. This allows you to keep your mattress clean and cut down on time consuming sheet washing and changing.

I worked in a nursing home very briefly after leaving school before starting my first job. The residents at the nursing home would all sleep on a Kylie® Bed Pad. It's clear why such a product would find a place in a nursing home. Roughly, there are 3 great benefits for anyone:

  • The Kylie® absorbs urine away from the skin which keeps skin healthy
  • The Kylie® can be quickly changed and washed, cutting down on time consuming bedding changes
  • Kylie® Bed Pads are washable and reusable, so save lots of money over their life

The original pad design was created over thirty years ago, and was so successful that the name Kylie® has become synonymous with washable bed pads, but not every washable bed pad is a Kylie®. The design has been continually improved over the years but the principal remains the same. 

The 5 layer design is carefully constructed to keep urine away from the skin. The top layer is highly absorbent in one direction only, and repels water from the other direction. So as urine gets on to the top layer it is quickly absorbed through, and not allowed back.

The second layer is made from spun fibres which distribute the urine over a larger area. Remember that at this point it can't get back through the top layer.

The third layer is also highly absorbent. This draws the moisture down from the sharing layer so that the capacity for more urine isn't lost.

Under that we have an impermeable layer. This is the waterproof material that prevents the urine seeping through into the bed.

The 5th layer is the backing material. This is designed to be non-slip so that the pad doesn't move around during the night.

These layers combined make the Kylie® Bed Pad a very effective tool for absorbing even large amounts of urine while keeping the sleeper's skin relatively dry.
5 Layer Kylie® Bed Pad Design
Other bed pads will use a less expensive 3 or 4 layer design, which is why they don't work quite as well as a Kylie®. 

As well as the 5 layer technology the pads are finished with a number of features that make them very easy to use and live with. 

Every pad has mattress tucks at either side. These are flaps of material that can be folded under the mattress to prevent the pad from moving in the night. The sides of the pad have been sewn in a very specific way to seal them, so that urine can't leak out of the edges.

Who Are They For?

We have already talked briefly about nursing homes (where you will find Kylie® Pads in use all around the UK), but they are also ideal for bedwetting children, adults that wear incontinence products that are prone to leak, elderly people who have the occasional accident or toddlers going through the potty training stage.

  • Older People
  • Bedwetting Children and Teens
  • Women with heavy menstrual flow
  • Women post surgery such as pelvic organ prolapse
  • A backup for incontinence products
  • "Just in case" protection for your guest bed (use under the sheets)

How Do I Use Them

The Kylie® Bed Pad can be used straight from the packaging although it is recommended that you wash it first to improve the absorbency. Simply place on the bed you need to protect, roughly in the middle of where the person will lie. Tuck the flaps under the mattress, and you are good to go! The coloured side (either pink or blue) should face the sleeper. The white side should face the mattress.

In the morning you can wash simply by putting the pad in the washing machine. They can be washed at up to 90C and tumble dried on a low heat.

We recommend you get three Kylie® Bed Pads to use in rotation. This is because you can have one on the bed, one in the wash, and one ready to use in the morning. This rotation will save you a lot of effort, and has the added advantage that if the user has a particularly wet night, you can change with a spare pad before the morning if neccessary.

Kylie® Bed Pads are available in pink or blue, and in five different sizes. Kylie® 4 Double Bed Size Waterproof Sheet

Roughly these are:

  • Cot bed
  • 3/4 Child/Toddler Bed
  • Adult Single Bed
  • Double Bed
  • King Size Bed

You can buy them from most online healthcare shops, our product page is here.



16 Comment(s)

08/12/2017, 02:41:51 PM

Can anyone please tell me how long the kylies last had a row with district nurse they say 6 months can any one help thanks

11/12/2017, 08:15:19 AM

Hi Glynis.It depends on how the pads are cared for, but they are quite robust. We say they will last around 300 washes, so that's almost a year if washed every day. We have some customers coming back to us after 10 or more years!Other, cheaper pads may not last as long, but Kylie® Bed Pads are pretty tough.I hope this helps!Will

04/09/2017, 03:13:54 PM

Washing recommendations please I know to use a non biological powder but just want advice on temp and cycle length . The carers are not happy on a quick wash cycle of 14 mins at 40. Although the kylie is clean Also I think the nightie when wet is hindering the absorption of the kylie Thank you

Will Samuels:
04/09/2017, 04:13:30 PM

Kylie Pads can be washed at up to 95C if required.We have no specific advice about the cycle that you use, however you should only tumble dry on a low heat.Please see the washing instruction below:Washing Instructions • Machine Wash at up to 95°C • Do NOT use Bleach • Do NOT use Fabric Conditioner • Do NOT Iron • Do NOT Dry Clean • Tumble Dry on Low HeatDo not expose pad to direct heat i.e drying over a radiatorI would suggest that 14 minutes is probably not long enough.As for the nightie issue, I suggest that you try to use a disposable product such as pull-up pants or nappies if this is a concern, the Kylie® pad can be there just in case it leaks but people are generally more comfortable when these disposable products are used. Please visit our site Every Nappy to see what we have available.The product I would recommend for over night use is Abena Abri Form:https://www.everynappy.co.uk/adult-nappies/abena-abri-form-adult-nappiesIf you have any other questions please let me know.

08/06/2017, 09:29:13 AM

Hi Vanessa - That's great! Please choose Bed Protection from the menu at the top of the page and then choose Kylie Bed Pads from the products that come up. I'm sure you will be very pleased with the product when you receive it.

08/06/2017, 09:08:59 AM

i like to try to pink kylie for my bed

28/02/2017, 02:08:25 PM

Hi there. I was just wondering where the name 'kylie' 'conni' & 'mac' sheet all come from? Thank you

28/02/2017, 04:10:27 PM

Hi Laraine - The Kylie sheet was invented by a man called Bill Kyle - So he called his sheet a "Kylie". No idea about "Conni" but I imagine its a contraction of "Incontinence". "Mac" probably comes from the Mackintosh waterproof jacket invented by Charles Macintosh - The name has passed into common usage for all waterproof fabrics. I hope this helps! Will

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