Washable Bedwetting Pants | Get Rid Of Nappies at Night

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There is a newer article on this subject with more information. Please click here to read our Nappy Free Guide to Bedwetting


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There are 3 washable products we would recommend for over night use. 

1) Upsey Daisy Training Pants - Suitable for younger children or those that have a lighter bedwetting problem (boys and girls styles)

2) Upsey Daisy Unisex Nighttime Briefs - Suitable for heavier bedwetting but very discreet

3) Upsey Daisy Unisex Nighttime Shorts - Our most absorbent washable bedwetting product


Bedwetting pants - washable and discreetWashable Training Pants for Bedwetting Ages 2 - 12

We have decided to write this article because of the number of parents we have had buying our disposable adult nappies in children's sizes, and because of a couple of phone calls we received recently.

Although the Abena Abri Form Junior XS2 bedwetting nappies are very effective, some parents will find the ongoing cost of such disposable products too much. They are usually not appropriate for older children anyway, and as your child gets older and is looking forward to school trips or sleepovers at friends houses, they will probably find the idea of pull-up disposable products or nappies for bedwetting less appealing.

A customer called us recently to ask which product we would recommend for their child who was going away with the school football team. The position of this parent and child is tricky. You can imagine the thoughts of the child, they either conceal Drynites or Underjams (disposable bedwetting pants available from most supermarkets) or risk wetting the bed.

Well there is another solution. We sell the Upsey Daisy range of children's washable incontinence pants. They are available in styles for girls and boys and are the only washable products that we could comfortable recommend for over night protection.

There are three designs, one is more of a training pants that has a lower absorbency level but is also suitable for daytime accidents, one is a unisex short design and the others are briefs available in boys or girls styles.

The product you choose will depend on the absorbency level you need and the preferences of your child. The traning pants is the least absorbent but can be ordered with drop sides (poppers at the sides) for soiling accidents or to make it easier to put on kids with disabilities (it can be fastened on lying down). The next most absorbent is the brief style products, in Navy Blue for boys or white with pink detail for girls, this product is designed to accept a disposable booster pad as well to boost up the absorbency. The final and most absorbent design is the shorts style. The shorts feature an internal waterproof pant with absorbent padding, kind of like how swimming shorts have an inner pant. The shorts offer the most protection because the outer layer has absorbent padding sewn into it on the outside of the legs to mop up any leaks, and the outer material is also waterproof. Again, the shorts can take a booster pd to improve the absorbency.

The outside of all these pants is 100% cotton, so looks perfectly normal. The inside is also cotton. The difference is that a waterproof layer and absorbent pad is sewn in between these two cotton layers. Only with very close inspection can you tell it's there. The elastics on the leg holes are also waterproof to offer better leak protection.

These pants are great when you are starting potty training, but also useful for older children that have the occasional accident during the day or night.

Have a look at the three pictures below and ask yourself which product your child will feel more comfortable wearing.

Washable Bedwetting PantsWashable Bedwetting Pants for girlsWashable Bedwetting pants for boys
Disposable Pull-up PantsWashable Incontinence Pants for GirlsWashable Incontinence Pants for Boys

This is a very discreet solution for children and far cheaper than buying disposable products. The Upsey Daisy range will also help your child feel more independent and dignified, as they really are just like normal pants.

You can team up Upsey Daisy Pants with a Kylie® Bed Pad too for the ultimate bed protection. With these products you will find that your child sleeps right through the night. And in the morning, just pop the pants and pad in the wash. Easy.

If you need advice about choosing products please call us. If you are concerned about childhood incontinence generally, have a look at ERIC, the Childrens Incontinence Charity

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17/02/2017, 10:10:18 AM

I have a 7 year old girl and we have wet night most night she was on tablets from the dr but was still wetting so I have taken her of then and just hoping she just grows out of it but night pants are costing so much so can you plz let me know how much the washable ones are thanks plus do they look more like pant so her friend don't know she is wearing them

20/02/2017, 03:57:41 PM

Hi Lisa - I feel so sorry for your daughter, it's tough to go through but I'm sure she will grow out of it. In the meantime please search our site for Complete Guide to Discreet Bedwetting Solutions for Sleepovers - you should find all the information your daughter needs to feel confident, secure and discreet at her next sleepover. Thanks for commenting!

pauline evans:
09/02/2017, 03:08:31 AM

Can I please have more information, I need them for a child aged 9 who wets the bed , disposable work out very expensive also not good for environment how much please, I would want 3 pairs ,

20/02/2017, 03:52:40 PM

Hi Pauline - Please search our site for Nighttime pants - I recommend the upsey daisy nighttime pants as they are the most absorbent for use over night

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