Top 4 Ways to Protect Against Adult Bedwetting

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Adult BedwettingTop 4 Ways to Protect Against Adult Bedwetting


Bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) can be a taboo subject, especially adult bedwetting, but we’re here to break down those concerns and show you exactly how you can manage bedwetting and give you back control. With around 1 in 100 people1 continuing bedwetting into adulthood, bedwetting is actually a lot more common than you may think.


It can become costly and time consuming (and a tad embarrassing!) to have to keep replacing sheets and mattresses. Thankfully, there are now tonnes of products available to help with bedwetting protection for adults. Waterproof bedding, mattress protectors, bed pads and adult nappies are all highly effective products designed specifically to help manage bedwetting. We’ve outlined our top 4 best products for adult bedwetting below - need advice on which product is best for you? Simply give our team a call or send us a message for confidential, helpful advice.


Waterproof duvets and pillows


Washing duvets and pillows can become tiresome, particularly if you’re having to do it most days of the week. Waterproof duvets and pillows are made from soft polyurethane material, allowing you to simply wipe them clean. The breathable, waterproof fabric takes away the hassle and worry of bedwetting accidents, whilst still giving you a comfortable sleep.


Kylie® waterproof duvets and pillows are a reliable, fully protected option and are available in both single and double sizes. The durable fabric makes them a great investment – we’d definitely recommend them!


Waterproof Duvet and Pillows


Kylie® Waterproof Duvet & Pillows

Starting from: £17.50

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Mattress protectors


Replacing a mattress is never a cheap option, especially if it’s something that you have to do on a regular basis. Mattress protectors are a quick and easy way to protect against bedwetting and the range of sizes available make them perfect for managing adult bedwetting. They’re a discreet and easy way to protect your bed against any accidents that may happen through the night.


Kylie® offer a reliable and affordable mattress protector in sizes ranging from single to super king size. Their 100% cotton fleece topping is comfortable and discreet, whilst the breathable, polyurethane waterproof layer keeps your mattress perfectly dry in the case of any accidents. The mattress protector fits straight over any standard mattress just like a fitted sheet, which an elasticated skirt holding it in place all night.


Waterproof Mattress Protector for Bedwetting



Kylie® Waterproof Duvet & Pillows

Starting from: £20.00

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Washable bed pads & disposable bed pads


Bed pads are quick and easy to use sheets that are not only comfortable to lay on, but also give peace of mind and protection from bedwetting. With a range of different sizes and absorbency levels available, bed pads are designed to keep your mattress dry with their waterproof backing and help give a great night sleep with their soft top layer.


One of our favourite brands, Kylie®, offer washable bed pads for bedwetting from just £14.99 which can be safely and hygienically washed up to 300 times – making them fantastic value for money. With 5 different absorbency levels / sizes and 2 colours to choose from, Kylie® bed pads are perfect for light to severe bedwetting.


Kylie bed pads for bedwetting


Kylie® Bed Pads

Starting from: £14.99

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If you’re looking for single use, disposable bedwetting protection then we’d recommend the Abena® Abri-Soft disposable bed pads. They’re available in multiple sizes just like the Kylie® pads, but are designed to easily be disposed of after one use.



Abena Abri Soft Disposable Bed Pads


Abena® Abri-Soft Bed Pads

Starting from: £10.57

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If you’re looking for all around protection from bedwetting, Kylie® offer a fantastic total bedding protection bundle. With a waterproof pillow, waterproof duvet, mattress protector and 3 Kylie® bed pads, we highly recommend checking out this bundle as it’s great for those new to adult bedwetting. It offers all of the necessary products that will help you take back your independence and protect against bedwetting.


Kylie® Total Bedding Protection Bundle

Starting from: £149.99

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Adult nappies for Bedwetting


For those who suffer from more severe bedwetting, specially designed adult nappies provide protection and dryness, giving the perfect night sleep. Absorbent layers are designed to quickly absorb urine to keep it away from the skin and prevent any leakages. Worn just like underwear, adult nappies offer a comfortable and secure option to prevent against bedwetting. Incontinence pants and pull up pants are particularly good for those users with dementia as they’re a more familiar and comfortable option.



Nappies for bedwetting



Molicare® Mobile Incontinence Pants

Starting from: £11.94

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There are lots of different adult nappies available from trusted brand names such as MoliCare® and Abena®. With a variety of sizes and multipacks available, disposable adult nappies and pull ups are an effective and discreet way to manage adult bedwetting. Perhaps the most comfortable and absorbent adult nappy is the Abena® Abri Form.




Adult nappies for bedwetting



Abena® Abri-Form Adult Nappies

Starting from: £15.07

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If you need any help finding the right incontinence product or you’d like to find out more about how to manage adult bedwetting, simply give our team a call or get in touch via our contact form. To view more incontinence and adult bedwetting products, check out our adult nappies, bed protection products, or view all of our products.


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07/07/2016, 04:06:27 PM

I've always wet the bed, thank for for writing this. I use Abena nappies because they don't leak and are quite comfortable but Im going to look into the waterproof duvet cover because its a pain if the duvet will get wet

08/07/2016, 09:59:55 AM

Hi AndrewThank you for commenting. Glad to hear that Abena products have been useful for you. The Kylie Duvet mentioned in the article is actually a fully waterproof duvet, not a cover, so no more struggling trying to strip the waterproof cover off, it's fully waterproof and wipe clean!Hope this helpsWill

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