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Posted by Will 01/07/2016 138 Comment(s) Kids,

Very Quick Start


If you came here because you want to buy size 7 nappies, or even bigger than size 7, click on the correct image below to go to the product page.

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Size 7 Nappies For Bigger Children


New - Absorbency Comparison Video


Asda Little Angels Size 6+ Nappies for Older Kids
Asda Little Angels Size 6+
Pampers Size 6+ Nappies for Older Kids
Pampers Size 6+
MoliCare Extra Size Extra Small Nappies for Older Kids
MoliCare Extra Size XS

The size 7 nappies available in the UK are from Libero, but are tricky to find. Pampers have a size 6+ which is new in the market, and Asda have had a size 6+ available for a while. We sell the MoliCare XS which is an adult nappy that has been sized down for children. This article compares the options.

Developmental issues and disabilities can often mean that a child is in nappies for longer than we would want. We have had a couple of customers recently that called us out of desperation seeking a bigger nappy for their child. We were able to help and I thought some parents might find this article useful.


A quick note; your community nurse, doctor or continence advisor is the best person to speak to for advice. If you are concerned about your child's continence development, speak to a medical professional as a first port of call.


What Options Are There For Nappies For Older Children?

Pampers Underjams With Strampelpeter Booster Pads

Pampers Underjams for Girls With Booster Pad
8-12 Years


It is not uncommon for your child to outgrow the standard nappy sizes that are available in the shops. The Pampers Size 6+ is the largest nappy available in most supermarkets. Although the actual maximum body weight of child that the size 6+ is suitable for is not written on the pack, we believe it to be around 27Kg (60lbs or 4¼ Stone).


Many parents choose to go straight on to the Drynites or Underjams products which are bed wetting pants for older children.

The disadvantage here is that you might want a more convenient way to change the nappy without completely undressing your child. Some children need a nappy that is more absorbent than the Drynites or Underjams products. They are also quite expensive in comparison to the smaller nappies.


Where capacity is a problem, we sell our Strampelpeter Booster Pads which can be inserted into the bed wetting pants to increase capacity.


Asda sell a size 6+ in their own brand Little Angels nappy which might be suitable, but even then you will eventually need something bigger.


The parents we spoke to decided to go with our MoliCare Soft All in One Extra, Size extra small. This is an extra small sized adult nappy. Because it's designed for adults (but in a smaller size) it has many features that aren't usually found in baby nappies. For instance, it has internal leak guards and wide elasticated leg cuffs which will help keep leaks to a minimum. They also have four tapes instead of two, making the fit better and them less likely to come undone.


They are formulated to care for older, more fragile skin, meaning that the effects of urine on the skin will be minimised, making the nappy less likely to produce nappy rash. They also have breathable side panels to keep your child cool over night.


When compared with a Pampers Size 6 you can see how much larger the MoliCare Soft extra small is, a weight range is not quoted on the pack, but the waist size is 40cm to 60cm (16 to 24") so these are ideal to take over from Pampers Size 6.


Bigger Nappies Compared - Pampers Size 6+ Vs Asda Size 6+ Vs MoliCare Extra XS


Below is a scale photo of Pampers Size 6+, Asda Little Angels Size 6+ and MoliCare Soft Extra Size Extra Small. The differences you can see are that the Pampers (on the left) has a slightly bigger absorbent pad than the Asda Little Angels (in the middle). The MoliCare on the right has a far larger absorbent pad. It is slightly longer, but much wider. You can also see that the pad is wider at the top and bottom, allowing greater capacity.

What other differences are there? Well on the Pampers product you can see a slightly darker green rectangular pad in the middle, the Asda has the same thing. This pad is the Super Absorbent area which contains a different material. It's purpose is to absorb urine into the pad as quickly as possible. The effectiveness of this area is what makes the difference between a dry night, or a leaky nappy! If you look carefully on the MoliCare nappy you will see there is a slightly darker rectangular area towards the middle and front of the pad. This is the Super Absorbent area of the MoliCare, and it is much much larger than the Asda or Pampers products meaning that leaks will be less likely.

The third obvious difference is the size. The Asda and Pampers nappies are roughly the same size, the MoliCare is both longer and wider, meaning that it will comfortably fit a larger child.

The fourth difference in the shape. You see how the MoliCare product is shaped to the body? The shape of the legs gives it a better fit against your child, again minimising leaks but more importantly it will be more comfortable to wear. Those sides (front and back) on the MoliCare are also fully breathable.

Finally we have the tapes. Look at the width of the Pampers tapes, they are smaller than the Asda ones. The MoliCare ones are wider, and there are four of them! These nappies are less likely to come undone, and the four tapes can be positioned for a better fit. 

Asda Little Angels vs Pampers vs MoliCare Nappies for Bigger or Older Kids
Left: Pampers Size 6+
Middle: ASDA Size 6+
Right: MoliCare Soft Extra Size Extra Small

Bigger Nappies For Bedwetting?


In many cases we would not recommend nappies for older children that wet the bed. The best person to advise on this is your doctor (of course). The next step might be to use Brolly Sheets absorbent washable bed sheets or Kylie absorbent washable bed sheets. They will protect the mattress and make cleaning up in morning (or during the night) much quicker. We also have a range of disposable bed pads that can be thrown away once wet. We think this is the best way to deal with the problem.


As mentioned earlier in the article you can use the bed wetting pants that are available in the supermarkets if your child agrees. These are perhaps most useful if you are staying away from home (someone elses house, a hotel, holidays etc) when you can't launder your washable sheet. They are quite expensive but your child can put them on and take them off on their own, and they sometimes have designs on them to make them look less like nappies.


Nappies for bed wetting are not recommended for every child but if your child has special needs, a developmental disability or is a particularly heavy wetter, nappies are an option. Again, ask your doctor about this, and you can also visit the bedwetting charity ERIC for more information.

MoliCare Soft Extra size Extra Small Nappies for Older KidsMoliCare Super Plus Small - The Most Absorbent Nappy For Older Kids
Click to the picture to buy the MoliCare Extra Plus Size Extra Small or the most absorbent nappy, the MoliCare Maxi Slip Small


The Most Absorbent Nappy

The Most Absorbent Nappy - MoliCare Super Plus with Strampelpeter Booster Pads


We have covered the choices available from the supermarkets, and given you information about our MoliCare Extra size Extra Small nappy, but what if you find you need the very most absorbent nappy available?


The MoliCare Super Plus Size Small will fit the bill, but it is a small sized adult nappy so it won't be suitable for younger children. The waist size quoted is 20-36" however, the tapes can be overlapped meaning that it will fit smaller sizes if necessary.

This nappy is the ultimate protection, the pad is thicker than anything we have discussed so far, and the back sheet is made from plastic like nappies used to be 10+ years ago. Most of our customers buy these for use over night as the greater absorbency means you can get a good, dry, undisturbed night of sleep. You can also team them up with Strampelpeter booster pads for added protection.




Please call our friendly team on 01636 30 20 50 to find out more about our products. Many of us have care experience or are parents ourselves, so we are well placed to offer advice.

As previously mentioned, your healthcare professionals will be a good source of advice, or call ERIC the children's continence charity.

138 Comment(s)

Ester Benbrook:
12/05/2019, 08:41:59 PM

Hello, I have a disabled son who is 5. He is 24kg and 120cm long. He is currently using Tesco (Fred & Flow) size 6+ nappies but they are getting too tight around his waist and around his tights. We have tried the double fastening nappies but they are all too wide and the leg space is too small. We ended up just fastening the top part of the nappy. Would really appreciate if you could send us some of your samples to try. Many thanks

11/04/2019, 11:19:58 PM

Hello Everyone!

So after speaking to Will Via email about a product regarding my 6yr old daughter we both agreed it would be a good idea to put a post up on here so that I can help any other parents in similar situations!

My daughter.

She is called Katie and is 6 years old and has never been dry day or night but doesnt have any other developmental issues. Apart from this she is a normal 6 year old.

The issue.

I had been using varying brands of pull ups on her which worked for a couple years but started leaking alot and are a pain to change so I reached out to the team here at Every Nappy about potential solutions.

The solution.

After talking with the team here at Every Nappy we decided that it was worth putting Katie back into nappies and try Pampers Baby Dry Size 8 on her so later that day I brought a small pack from a nearby Sainsburys.

Revealing the plan to Katie.

So I got home (I had left Katie at home with her nan) and after my mum left I got the pack of pampers Baby Dry and went to speak to her about it

At first as you would expect she wasn't happy and put up a few arguments about the things youd expect but eventually after talking to her about it and convincing her nobody would know apart from people that needed to know and a small bit of bribery with a small chocolate bar she eventually agreed to let me put a nappy on her.

I admit I was nervous for her and hoping they would fit her and as I did up the tapes I realised that it fit her perfectly which was good and she begrudgingly admitted that she was comfortable.

Fast forward a couple hours.

And there was no leaks and she didn't even know she was wet which she certainly did with her old pull ups.

So I strongly recommend Pampers Baby Dry size 8 for any older kids still in nappies

If anyone has any questions feel free to reply to this

12/04/2019, 02:50:24 PM

Hi Niamh

Thank you very much for your feedback about our service.

We don't sell the Pampers size 8 product. It's a good product and I'm glad it works for you, but it's not right for everyone.

For anyone else in a similar situation: If you need greater size or absorbency then the Abena Abri Form Junior XS2 would be an excellent choice. If you still get leaks or are having a problem with capacity, the MoliCare Slip Maxi Small is the best product to choose, but is thicker so might not be as comfortable, is more expensive and has an all plastic backsheet, whereas the Abri Form Junior has soft backing (like Pampers).

For other parents reading this, nappies with tapes tend to offer better protection than pull-ups but they can be very unpopular with some children for obvious reasons, so we have another option, the MoliCare Mobile XS pull-up. This is a scaled down adult pull-up that offers excellent absorbency compared to supermarket products, but it's a bit bigger and thicker, so a little harder to hide than Abena Abri Form Junior XS2.

If anyone out there would like specific advice about a particular problem or replacement product please give us a call on 01636 30 20 50 or email us.

Victoria Mutch:
22/02/2019, 09:34:22 PM

Hi there im wondering would it be possible to recieve a few samples. My 7year old son has an overactive bladder nocturnal enuresis is the main problem we find that the dry nights pyjama pants are no longer sutiable as he wets through them . Thanks Victoria

12/04/2019, 02:44:47 PM

Hi Victoria - we sent you an email about this. Two good options would be the Abena Abri Form Junior XS2 nappies or the MoliCare Slip Maxi Small nappies. The MoliCare Slip Maxi may be a bit big on him but it will make a good fit around the legs and there is nothing more absorbent. If you need anything else please let us know.

Caroline snell:
20/08/2018, 02:32:38 PM

Hi Can you send me a sample of the XS & S please? My almost 5 year old is in age 8 clothes (130cm tall) and is petrified of the toilet. All supermarket nappies are too tightThanks Caroline

Eliza Woloszyn:
24/08/2018, 09:30:49 AM

Hi Caroline, Thank you for your comment. We are more than happy to send you the samples. Please send us copy of your full address or give us a call on 01636 30 20 50.

20/08/2018, 08:22:20 AM

Hello please can i have details of the nappies identified in the thread , prices and samples. I have an autistic son who is 3yrs old, wearing size 7 pampers but these are too small and he is developmentally behind therefore is not ready for potty training yet. He is currently approximately 26kg. Thank you

Destiny Stewart:
24/08/2018, 09:05:37 AM

Hi Dee,

Out of all the Nappies listed in this thread, I would recommend the Abena Abri-Form XS2, the Molicare Premium Extra Plus XS or if you are interested in pull-ups the Molicare Mobile Normal XS.

The Abena Abri-Form Junior should be a better fit for your son as it is narrower between the legs.

nappies for bedwetting for older childrenYou can view this product by following this link; Abri-Form Junior.

If you are looking for something more absorbent than the Molicare Premium EP XS would be the better choice.

You can view this product by following this link; Molicare Premium XS.

If you are interested in the pull-ups, then the Molicare Mobile XS would be the most suitable product. However they wont be as absorbent as the nappies.

You can view this product by following this link; Molicare Mobile XS.

If you are interested in any free samples of the mentioned products, please call us on 01636 30 20 50.

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