MoliCare® Super Plus Is Changing to an Improved New Design

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MoliCare® Super Plus Will Be Replaced By A New Textile Backed ProductOld plastic backed design to be phased out




The MoliCare® Super Plus is our best selling all-in-one product. The product has been on the market, unchanged, for many years.

Hartmann have recently told us that they will be updating the Super Plus to bring it in line with the rest of their product range. From January 2015 the MoliCare® Super Plus will have a textile like back sheet, air permeable breathable side panels, active skin protection, enhanced leakage protection and reclosable hook and loop fasteners.

For many users these new features will be a great improvement. The textile like backing material will be soft and quiet, getting away from that crinkly noise that many users don't like. The absorbency of the product will be unchanged, and it's one of the highest absorbency all-in-one products available from any supplier.

We have been in this industry long enough to know that although the manufacturers have changed the design with the best intentions, some customers will not be happy with the changes and will prefer the old, plastic backed style of product.

We will continue to supply to old plastic backed design up until January 2015 or when the stock from Hartmann runs out. The new product will be available very shortly and we will sell them both together.

Some of the measurements will be changing as well, so those of you that have been using the MoliCare® Super Plus on young children will find that the new deisgn might not fit as well. The old size small was 50-80cm, but the new one will be 60-90cm. If you are concerned about the change of size please measure the waist of your child and use the new measurements in the table below.

We know that there can be many reasons why people have chosen the plastic backed MoliCare® Super Plus in the past, but we are very hopeful that the replacement product MoliCare® Premium Soft Super Plus will be an improvement for most customers.


The New MoliCare® Premium Soft Super Plus



New MoliCare Premium Soft Super Plus will look like this​NEW MoliCare® Premium soft super plus offers all features and benefits of the MoliCare® Premium soft range and being the highest absorbent product in the all-in-one range it is suitable for fast and reliable absorption of heavy gushes of urine:


  • Active Skin Protection – protecting the users’ skin and enhancing skin health
  • 3-layer absorbent core – for increased dryness thanks to less rewet, which means healthier skin, gives security and confidence to the patient and carer
  • Textile-like back-sheet – for greater comfort and increased discretion for patients
  • Z-cuffs – make product handling simpler as improved cuffs stand up more easily and provide therefore better leakage protection which helps to protect patients’ dignity even more effectively
  • Odour neutraliser – super absorbent polymer in the absorbent core helps to bind unpleasant odours for enhanced patient dignity
  • Hook & loop fasteners – for easier product fitting as tapes can be adjusted many times
  • Wetness indicator – for easy identification when the brief needs changing
  • Ideal for quick absorption of heavy gushes of urine

New Improved MoliCare Super Plus


What's the Difference Between the Old and New Super Plus?



Old MoliCare® Super Plus (phased out January 2015)

  • Plastic Backed

Size Guide

Small 50 - 80 cm
Medium 70 - 120 cm
Large 100 - 150 cm

Replacement MoliCare® Premium Soft Super Plus (available January 2015)

  • Textile Like Backing - Breathable Side Panels

Size Guide

Small 60 - 90 cm
Medium 90 - 120 cm
Large 120 - 150 cm

Absorbency level and the number of nappies per pack will remain the same.

Changes to products like this often worry people, we had a great number of concerned customers contact us when the TENA Slip changed it's design, but we are sure that given some time to get used to the new product, people will find these a marked improvement over the old Super Plus.

If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment below. We will be happy to put your questions to Hartmann, or to help answer any questions you have about the new Super Plus product.

4 Comment(s)

Leopold Hakushika:
25/03/2017, 10:38:15 AM

I m looking for molicare products, for old people in old age home. Could you please give me the necessary information, what type I nappies you are selling.

25/03/2017, 10:15:37 PM

Hi LeopoldThank you for leaving a comment. Please click on the Brands link from the main menu and select Hartmann to see our range of Hartmann incontinence products, or copy and paste this link to your browser: . Please email for trade pricing and to open trade account. Hope to hear from you soon! Will

30/11/-0001, 12:00:00 AM

This is such a shame! Where can I find out about plastic backed products in the uk?

Will :
30/11/-0001, 12:00:00 AM

Hi We will continue to sell the MoliCare Comfort range. These are plastic backed over the absorbent area but have breathable side panels. Please visit this page for more: The change is likely to be an improvement for most users, but we know that some users will feel worried about the change. We hope that the new product that replaces the Super Plus (MoliCare Soft All in One Super Plus) will be just as effective and even more comfortable. Please call us if you need any help. Every Nappy

30/11/-0001, 12:00:00 AM

For 14 years i happily bought molicare and never complained about the price as the product was great. Hartmanns opposition decided cloth was the way to go and i thought hmm if hartmann stick with plastic there going to make a killing as i know for certain 80 per cent of people hate the change big time, you only have to read for a few hours on the net and see how many people are screaming and how many people are happily paying twice the price to get plastic nappies imported from other countries, just to avoid the horrible cloth ones. i have tried the cloth ones and they are bad real bad they fall down after ten mins of putting them on, the overall feel to them is like half the quality they used to be. the tapes come loose as they hate sticking to the cloth in fact even the tapes on the plastic before was a bit of a issue now its a disaster. I will be ordering some products from the uk or the usa and pay triple the money before ever buying cloth so the sooner hartmann wake up the better as i know they are losing thousands of customers.

Will :
30/11/-0001, 12:00:00 AM

Hi Peter Thank you for sharing your opinion. Over all, most customers have found the new version of MoliCare Super Plus to be better than the old one. We do recognise though that these are not right for everyone, so we have sourced a new range of completely plastic backed nappies that will be available soon. I'll post an update when they become available, these new products should be very similar to the old Super Plus. Thanks for commenting Will

30/11/-0001, 12:00:00 AM

Having worn the previous plastic backed nappy was nervous about the new replacement. I was so wrong fantastic nappy does hold a bit less but is a welcome compromise. So comfortable love the soft feel wear them 24/7 with compression pants and Kylie?? & Kanga??. For the first time I can now forget that I am wearing a nappy and are so comfortable especially in hot weather the fabric wings are great too. Can easily refit and overall a super nappy great work Hartman

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