Introducing Forma-Care | Good Value High Quality Incontinence Products Range

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Forma Care - Our Latest Product


Every Nappy is very proud to introduce the Forma Care range from Medi-inn.


Forma Care is a range of incontinence products that aim to offer excellent performance and quality at a lower price than you might expect.


Over the years we have had many people call and tell us that unfortunately the prices on our premium incontinence products are out of their price range.


As part of our commitment to offering the very best service we feel that we should have a product that is accessible to people on a tight budget.


Another advantage that we see in the Forma-Care range other than their price competitiveness is that they can offer plastic backed adult nappies.


If you are mourning the loss of MoliCare® Super Plus we can help.


We have been looking for some time for a product that can replace the old plastic backed MoliCare® Super Plus and we have found one.


Forma Care Comfort | High Absorbency Plastic Backed Adult Nappies


After having looked at all of the options on the market we are very pleased to say that we think that the Forma Care Comfort range has everything that the MoliCare® Super Plus had.

  • Very High Absorbency Rating
  • Plastic Backsheet
  • Elasticated Legs and Waist
  • High Internal Leak Guards


Looking at the ISO absorbency ratings we are quite confident that the Forma-Care range offers better absorbency than the old MoliCare® Super Plus.


We believe that we will be able to make these products available at a far lower price than our other premium products. Hopefully this means that you can save money on your continence care and find something that really works for you if you have been looking for something plastic backed.


Forma-Care Quality


The folks at Medi-Inn have tried to produce Forma Care with all of the same high-quality features that you find in the very best adult incontinence products but at a lower price point.


This means that when you choose a textile backed product they will be fully breathable, and you can expect to find the same leakage protection that you find in any premium products such as high internal leak guards and even elasticated waistbands which products at a higher price point don’t always have.


Forma Care Range


We will initially be taking pull-up Pants, Breathable Adult Nappies and Plastic Backed Nappies.



If you are looking for something in the Forma Care range that we don't currently stock please let us know, we can look into ordering it in for you.



As always we would be very interested to hear how you get on with these products.


If you are asked to leave a review by Feefo for your purchase then please go ahead and be honest. This will let us know how well the former care brand works with our customers and what you think about our service.


After having searched for so long for these plastic backed products we hope these are exactly what you are looking for. Speaking to many customers we understand that plastic backed products are perceived as being more safe and more secure than textile like ones. We very much hope these new products will become a core part of our range.


To see our range of Forma Care products please click here.


To read all about Medi-inn - the manufacturer of Forma Care, please click here.




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