Say hello to Bambo Nature nappies - The award winning eco-friendly nappies for children.

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Bambo Nature Best Baby NappiesIf you’re searching for new nappies for your little one, you definitely need to check out the Bambo Nature range. Super soft, comfy and eco-friendly, these are by far some of our favourite nappies and we’d highly recommend them to any parents.


Never heard of Bambo Nature nappies? No problem, in this post we’ve outlined everything you need to know about them so that you can see if they’re right for you and your baby. If you’re already a fan of Bambo Nature nappies, check out our full range including sizes 0 to 6, large value packs, and both nappies and pull-ups.



  • Eco-Friendly
  • Available in size 0 to 6
  • Nappies & Pull-Ups Available
  • No Animal Testing
  • Soft & Comfortable
  • Great for Sensitive Skin


High Protection & Comfort for your Baby

The super soft material and flexible side panels give a perfect fit every time, not only protecting against leaks but also keeping your baby super comfortable. With a breathable back sheet, these nappies are ideal for babies & children with sensitive skin.


Available in a Range of Sizes

No matter if these are your baby’s first nappies or you’re switching your toddler over from a different brand, we have a huge range of Bambo Nature nappies available in tonnes of different sizes. Starting at 1-3 Kg and going all the way up to 16-30 Kg, Bambo Nature nappies are the perfect choice for your child as they grow. There are also larger value packs available at an even cheaper price! Our range includes:

Eco Friendly Baby Nappies

Eco Friendly

Not only are Bambo Nature nappies comfortable and effective, they’re also great for the environment too. The fluff used in the Bambo nappies is biodegradable and comes from sustainable forests - the advanced technology used makes them still high performing nappies. 95% of the product waste created when manufacturing the Bambo Nature nappies gets puts back into the machines and recycled; massively reducing the amount of waste created.


Multi Award Winning

Don’t just take our word for it - with multiple product awards from big names such as Gentle Parenting, Loved by Parents, Mumii, Ethical Consumer and many more, Bambo Nature nappies are loved and praised by parents around the country.

What are the best nappies? Best baby nappies award winners Best Baby Nappies

View Our Full Range

Like the look of Bambo Nature nappies? You can buy them directly from our site at great prices! View our full range or get in touch with our team if you have any questions about these nappies or any other of our products.

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