Bed Protection

Bed Protection

Bed Protection Products for Incontinence

Bed Protection products can be as simple as disposable bed pads, or for more demanding needs could be a waterproof mattress protector, waterproof duvet, waterproof pillows and washable absorbent bed pads (see below for bundle deal).

Whatever your level of need we will have something suitable for you.

Available in washable and disposable from leading brands including Kylie®, Hartmann Molicare® and Abena®.


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Kylie® Bed Pads | Absorbent Incontinence Sheets

Kylie® Bed Pads Kylie® bed pads are available in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Litre Absorbency an..

£20.99 Ex Tax: £20.99

Kylie® Total Bedding Protection Bundle

Kylie® Total Bedding Protection Ultimate Bedding Protection from Kylie® - Bund..

£144.99 £149.99 Ex Tax: £149.99

Kylie Waterproof Duvet | Fully Waterproof Duvet | Wipe Clean

Waterproof Duvet from Kylie® - Wipe Clean, Breathable Protection The Best Waterproof Du..

£75.99 Ex Tax: £75.99

Kylie Waterproof Pillow | Fully Waterproof PU | Wipe Clean

Waterproof Pillow from Kylie - Wipe Clean, Breathable Protection Fully waterproof pillo..

£19.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Kylie Mattress Protector | 100% Cotton Top Cover | Waterproof

Kylie® Waterproof Breathable Mattress Protectors Soft, Comfortable, Waterproof Premium ..

£24.00 Ex Tax: £20.00

Kylie® Chair Pads | Pink, Black or Blue

Kylie® Chair Pads Washable Absorbent Chair Pads Kylie® Chair Pads are s..

£17.99 Ex Tax: £17.99