About Us

About Every Nappy


Every Nappy started as a family business in 2012. In 2013 Every Nappy joined Capatex Ltd, another family business. We originally started out because we were trying to buy incontinence products for our elderly grandparents. We found that the information out there was too "medicalised" and full of jargon. We just wanted to know what the stuff was, and why it was good. That's what we try to present at Every Nappy.


We make a point of knowing all about our products, so if you want to know which is the right product for you, or you have specific questions about products please give us a call.


Capatex Ltd covers a broad range of products, manufacturing the Kylie® and Kanga® range of washable incontinence products as well as medical devices and other industrial textiles.


Based in Nottingham, Capatex is very proud to be a UK manufacturer.