About Us

About Every Nappy


Every Nappy started as a family business in 2012. In 2013 Every Nappy joined Capatex Ltd, another family business. We originally started out because we were trying to buy incontinence products for our elderly grandparents. We found that the information out there was too "medicalised" and full of jargon. We just wanted to know what the stuff was, and why it was good. That's what we try to present at Every Nappy.


We make a point of knowing all about our products, so if you want to know which is the right product for you, or you have specific questions about products please give us a call.


Capatex Ltd covers a broad range of products, manufacturing the Kylie® and Kanga® range of washable incontinence products as well as medical devices and other industrial textiles.


Based in Nottingham, Capatex is very proud to be a UK manufacturer.


Meet the Team


We are not another faceless internet company. Below are some of the people you might talk to when you call us.


Dagmara - Office Manager

Dagmara keeps everyone in line and manages admin operations and customer services. She is an animal person, she loves her cat and dog

Agnieszka - Sales Administration

Aga is very knowledgeable about our products. She has a child of her own and likes to cook in her spare time

Ross - eCommerce Administrator

Ross deals with our branding and messaging. He is a family man and makes videos about the Second World War when he's not working

Destiny - Sales Administrator

Destiny is quite new on our team. She is familiar with our products because she's got young brothers and sisters. Her favourite thing is hair and we are hoping she will work on Social Media

Neil - Operations Manager

Neil makes sure that our warehouse is well run and keeps things in stock. He has lots of children and loves to watch and play football. He claims to be very good at it

Will - eCommerce Manager

Will keeps the websites, servers and related IT running. He likes to lift weights but his little girl takes up most of his spare time.

Steve - Warehouse

Steve does the picking and packing but his passion is football. It's all he talks about with Neil.

Paul - Warehouse

Paul does the heavy lifting and forklift driving if he's not picking and packing with Steve. He likes football too but prefers to play it on his computer.
Andrew - Accounts

Andrew manages the company accounts. His hobby is running.

Iwona - Accounts

Iwona does our invoicing and other complicated accounting things. She likes to bake and sometimes brings in her produce for us to sample!